Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ah Sylvan Summer, Thou Dost Cover Junk Heaps So Verdantly

I love looking out from my back deck right now, primarily for what I don't see rather than what I do...
I see:
  • potted plants
  • leaves of sweetgum, ash, and oak
  • neighboring tree tops
  • chunks of blue sky between tree tops
I don't see:
  • neighbor's Sanford & Son junk heap
  • other neighbor's Sanford & Son junk heap (this heap vanishes seasonally under a mass of honeysuckle and Virginia creeper)
  • neighbor's peeling, rusted van - aka storage unit - stuffed full of old pillows and Hefty sacks
  • neighbor's "work area" behind dilapidated shed
  • neighbor's collection of concrete yard art toadstools and bunnies
I see some of, but delightfully not all of:
  • Neighbor In Swim Trunks From Two Sizes Ago floating like big white water bug in above-ground pool
  • NISTFTSA bending over to futz with equipment of above-ground pool
  • NISTFTSA's teenage son and friends peeing off the deck
  • NISTFTSA's missus on pool float scratching recurring personal itch
  • Neighbor's tattered POW MIA and Don't Tread On Me flags

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