Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Phartacus

I had small plans for this Christmas Eve. Just me, The Mister, Phartacus, and Slappy making cookies for Santa, reindeer food, decorating a gingerbread house, listening to Bing and Ella, etc. You know the drill. Honey-baked ham for dinner, check Santa’s progress on NORAD’s Santa tracker, tuck into bed and wait for Santa’s bounty. Well, Santa’s got a bit of a conundrum now, and you’ll realize I’ve named my offspring well.

 Merry Christmas, Phartacus. Love, Slappy


  1. What happened here? Did he go out to see Santa and get thrown an elbow?

  2. Board book to the eye, courtesy of Slappy. Phartacus had tapped him on the head with it, and this was Slappy's comeback. Isn't there some warning about poking a snake with a stick?

  3. Yikes. Brothers. Been there. Done that. Why, when the older one goes off to college, do the parents get an astronomical phone bill?

    He didn't knock Phartacus's eye out, but he will need to talk to him later.

    I still have a small scar over my left eyebrow where my brother hit me with a baseball bat.

  4. Aww, sorry little buddy! My little guy just got 3 stitches in his nose, but it was thanks to a wood dresser, not a sibling. Tis the season, I suppose.